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America In Crisis!

What Is Happening?

Freedom, Private Property, the Rule of Law, Free Market Capitalism and Public Virtue have been the core components of American culture.

The American Culture has produced more security, freedom and prosperity for more millions in America and around the globe, than any other culture in history.

Yet, America is at risk, from enemies within, of imploding from crushing debt, unprecedented corruption and government intrusion into private lives and private enterprise.

Self-dealing career politicians at city, county, state and federal levels, together with unions, public corporations and other well financed, well organized, highly targeted special interests have restricted freedom, violated private property, abrogated the rule of law, arbitrarily repealed contract law, distorted and corrupted free markets and public morality.

The tools of these ‘enemies within’ are oppressive and unfair taxation, arbitrary and excessive regulation, blatant favoritism, thuggish punishment of enemies, uncontrolled government spending, corruption and self-dealing, voter fraud, judicial tyranny, and a smothering government-elitist propaganda machine.

It began as a move left. Now we are rushing toward socialism, totalitarianism, poverty and enslavement by politicians, bureaucrats and favored elitists.

Who Did it?

Every problem we face has been created, or aggravated, by the Gang of 545. The existence and growth of the problems is the responsibility of millions of apathetic citizens over many decades. A short public memory and a conspiracy of incumbents gave career politicos the green light.

1 president, 9 lawyers appointed to the Supreme Court, 100 senators and 435 representatives, a total of 545 elitists in Washington, DC, have the power and the knowledge, if not the will or the conviction to solve every problem we face. Citizens can vote to replace the Gang of 545.

The majority of the Gang of 545 has placed personal greed and power lust above the public good. A web of bribes and extortions by and between the Gang of 545 and numerous special interests to reward friends and to punish enemies has produced and / or exacerbated ALL of these problems and inequities.

Bribes and extortions include campaign contributions, jobs, lobbying contracts, investment opportunities, book deals, sweetheart mortgages, government contracts, junkets, corporate jet use, tickets, earmarks, regulation of competitors, regulation relief, bailout funds, pension liability assumption, IRS audits, loan forgiveness, and even cold cash for your freezer.

Party affiliation has historically been irrelevant as corruption and incumbency insurance are the Gang of 545’s only bi-partisan activities.

Millions of citizens are accomplices in this travesty in that our apathy over several decades has ceded control, too often uncontested, of major institutions including the old media, the judiciary, public education, the academy, mainline Protestant churches, public foundations, unions, Hollywood, and government agencies to elitist leftists.

How Do We Fix It?

The most important action available now is to organize to change the face of Congress in the 2010 elections. All representatives and a third of the Senate stand for election. Strong advocacy in the interim may mitigate some of the additional damage now on the drawing boards.

The Freedom’s Call Strategy

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”
--- Samuel Adams

The Freedom’s Call strategy is to transform old-fashioned precinct organization with Internet technologies. We are creating online groups for each of 435 congressional districts and all fifty states.

Online groups will create on-the-ground groups and use the Freedom’s Call website for communication, coordination, advocacy and networking. Congressional district groups will interview congressional candidates to ascertain their values and objectives, asking the most attractive candidates to sign the Freedom’s Call Candidate pledge. When necessary, local groups will recruit candidates. We do not care about any candidate’s political party affiliation. Each group will then actively support their candidate for Congress.

The same process works for the state groups, which will be comprised of representatives from all congressional district groups in the state.

We will use state-of-the-art SEO techniques, viral networking, and traditional advertising and marketing to recruit 3 – 10 million members across the US. We are asking members to serve their country as citizen leaders investing at least an hour a week and preferably an hour a day.

The Freedom’s Call website is designed to facilitate citizen leadership with three main components. These include:
•    A marketing and informational front end,
•    A robust online member community including directories, blogs, forums, social networking and more.
•    A communication system, which allows members to quickly compose messages to be sent to members of Congress, their staff, and 4,500 media outlets at no cost.

Freedom’s Call members will recruit like-minded patriots among friends, relatives, and associates across the country. Volunteers will fill Steering Committee assignments in each district and state group. We will mobilize our membership and others to vote for real change in 2010.

Clean the pen in 2010!